2MINECH EP0079 - Cellular Apple Watches having Battery Issues with WatchOS 6

People who own Apple watches that have cellular radios are reporting issues with battery life. Many are claiming the watch can not make it through a day without recharging at least once. The issues appear even if the cellular radio is turned off. Apple has since released WatchOS 6.0.1 which may resolve some of the issues. Everyone with an Apple Watch should update to WatchOS 6.0.1 as soon as possible.

2MINTECH EP0076 - IOS 13.1 Caution

IOS 13.0 was buggy and not ready for prime time, but IOS 13.1 is out and it smooths things over. You need to be sure to update all of you apps before you update IOS. There are some incompatibilities that may cause connectivity issues if you are not aware.

2MINTECH EP0070 - Microsoft goes Chromium

Microsoft has started beta testing is Edge browser based on Chromium rather than the internal Microsoft technology. This new Edge browser will run the same rendering engine as Googles Chrome browser which Google controls, and this puts a lot of power in Googles hands. As the dominant browser they can now dictate what technologies are and are not going to work on most of the computer browsers in the world.

2MINTECH EP0069 - Netflix no Airplay no more

Netflix has ended its support for Apples AirPlay, which allows viewers on handheld devices to push their video and audio feeds to a compatible TV or to the Apple TV device. Netflix says it is a matter of quality control, and that their subscribers should use native apps for viewing on those devices. Not to worry though you can still AirPlay Apple shows and movies, as well as Amazon Prime, and virtually every other streaming content source on your IOS devices.